Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
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Morgan’s already the most amazing girl in the world, but somehow, the former Alton B. Parker High School student has managed to outdo herself once again: Morgan hung up string lights in her jail cell.

God, she is such a genius. Can we just have her life, please?

When Morgan first arrived at the Kirkland County Detention Facility, her totally dull cinder block cell was just as drab as everyone else’s, but that all changed yesterday when she hung up a string of warm twinkle lights around the room where she’s been held since she was found guilty of felony manslaughter several months ago. Yep, the way she effortlessly strung the lights to look like a headboard over the twin-size cot where she’ll be spending her nights for the next five to seven years not only made her room incredibly cozy, but it also proved that she’s the coolest person ever.


There’s no questioning which cell is Morgan’s because it’s without a doubt the most incredible one. Even though she’s the youngest in the whole facility because she got tried as an adult, she decorated her cell way better than any of the other inmates did.

Leave it to Morgan! She is seriously the best at everything.

And if you thought Morgan couldn’t get any more awesome (which, um, you’d be crazy to think), she also added a fuzzy throw pillow that says “Sweet Dreams” on top of her gray, standard-issue sheets, plus she hung a tapestry depicting the night sky above the metal free-standing toilet that she shares with her cellmate. Most people wouldn’t see all of this stuff in a store and know that it would go together perfectly, but then again, most people aren’t Morgan.

Reportedly, the other inmates weren’t sure what Morgan was up to when she started taping a piece of yarn to her jail cell’s wall, but they were totally amazed when they watched her clothespin polaroid photos of her friends to it—a decoration that’s amazingly classy and simple, yet still something only Morgan could come up with. And according to sources, all of the girls from the photos have already dropped by the facility to talk to Morgan during visiting hours!

In one final, incredible Morgan move, she took a postcard from her older boyfriend in which he promises to make a conjugal visit once she’s 18 and put it in a frame on her desk, which she apparently looks at for inspiration while she reads the GED test prep book that she borrowed from the prison library.


All we want is to be as stylish and cool as Morgan! Maybe someday.

It’s no surprise that Morgan has a total knack for making a room look amazing, but we’re constantly floored by just how perfect she continues to be. She even set the string lights on a timer so they automatically shut off at 11 p.m. for curfew! Morgan, you are literally everyone’s #1 role modelnever change!


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