4 Times The Harlem Globetrotters Showed Up Uninvited To My Son’s Tap Dancing Recital And Humiliated Him With Basketball Tricks

My son loves to tap dance, and I love to watch him do it, but for reasons I do not understand, the Harlem Globetrotters refuse to let us have that. Here are four times the goddamn Harlem Globetrotters ruined my boy’s recital by showing up unannounced to humiliate him with their freak basketball tricks.

Finally! Kotex Has Released A Line Of Tampons With A 15-Foot String And A Bell At The End So You Never Forget About Your Tampon

If you’re a tampon user, get ready for some seriously exciting news, because there’s an awesome new product on the market that you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on: Kotex has released a line of tampons with a 15-foot string and a bell at the end so you never forget about your tampon.

Heartbreaking: This Kid Is Too Young To Realize That His Friends Were Hanging Out Without Him When He Ran Into Them At The Movies, And Now He Keeps Telling His Mom How Cool It Was That He Just Saw All Of His Friends

Get ready to feel depressed because the story of 9-year-old Graham Decaire’s trip to the movies is the saddest thing you’re going to read all day. Graham is too young to realize that his friends were hanging out without him when he ran into them at the theater, and now he keeps telling his mom how cool it was that he…

Bow Down, Bitches: Mom Just Got Her Makeup Done For Free By The Clinique Lady At Macy’s And Now She’s Strutting Through The Mall Toward Ruby Tuesday Like It’s A Goddamn Runway

Make way, Philadelphia suburbs, because the queen of all queens is really feeling her look, and she’s taking the Montgomeryville Mall by storm. That’s right, Mom just got her makeup done for free by the Clinique lady at Macy’s and now she’s strutting through the mall toward Ruby Tuesday like it’s a goddamn runway!

A Titan Of Sport: This Man At The Gym Is All-Out Sprinting On The Treadmill In Cargo Shorts While Watching Old Episodes Of ‘River Monsters’ On A Microsoft Surface Tablet

Open your eyes and bear witness to a display of athleticism unmatched even by the most elite Olympians in all of history: This man at the gym is all-out sprinting on the treadmill in cargo shorts while watching old episodes of River Monsters on a Microsoft Surface tablet.

Caving To Blackmail: Jeff Bezos Has Shut Down ‘The Washington Post’ After ‘The National Enquirer’ Threatened To Publish Photos Revealing He’s Bald

Last week, Jeff Bezos bravely stood up to The National Enquirer, publicly announcing that the tabloid tried to blackmail him with nude photos. However, today, the Amazon founder is singing a different tune and has shut down The Washington Post entirely after The National Enquirer threatened to publish pictures…