4 Times In ‘Legally Blonde’ Where Reese Witherspoon Breaks Character To Explain That Women Aren’t Going To Get A Better Movie Than This For The Next 20 Years

The 2001 hit romantic comedy Legally Blonde was a heartwarming blockbuster that entertained and empowered women of all ages, and the standard it set turned out to be pretty hard to live up to. Here are four times Reese Witherspoon breaks character in Legally Blonde to explain that women aren’t going to get a better

Worth A Shot: Tylenol Announced They’re Going To Try Jacking Up The Price Of Tylenol To $1,000 A Pill Like Other Drugs Do And See If People Keep Buying It

Big pharmaceutical companies continue to profit from skyrocketing medication prices, and it looks like Tylenol is ready to strike while the iron is hot: Tylenol has announced that they’re going to try jacking up its price to $1,000 a pill the same way other drugs do and see if people keep buying it.

Unfortunate Development: Cousin Kyle Has Learned Even More Pressure Points Since The Last Time He Visited

There’s some seriously sobering news coming from the Henderson family household today, where what was already expected to be a pretty tense weekend visit from aunt Tracy and her kids has just taken a turn for the worse. Based on reports out earlier this morning, cousin Kyle has learned even more pressure points since…

This Amazing New Anti-Bullying Campaign Reminds Kids That Even Though Bullying Might Be Fun, Rewarding, And Cool, It Can Sometimes Make You Tired

Bullying has long run rampant in American schools, but this important PSA campaign from the Ad Council will hopefully make kids think twice before terrorizing their classmates: This amazing new anti-bullying campaign reminds kids that even though bullying might be fun, rewarding, and cool, it can sometimes make you…

The Power Of People: When These Parents Came Together And Demanded That There Never Be A School Where All The Teachers Are Pedophiles, The School District Released A Statement Saying They Agreed

Here’s an incredible story that shows how much a community can accomplish when they work towards a common goal: When these parents came together and demanded that there never be a school where all the teachers are pedophiles, the school district released a statement saying they agreed.

A Christmas Miracle: The 3 Ways Baby Jesus Immediately Asserted His Dominance After He Was Born To Prove He Was The Son Of God

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. This time of year is a chance to reflect on that blessed day in Bethlehem many years ago, when Jesus was born in a manger and then immediately established his sovereignty through a series of alpha