5 Pictures Of Dolly Parton Dunking That You Can’t Find Anywhere Else...Because They’re Fake, Okay?! They Aren’t Real! We Made Them In Photoshop So You Would Like Us

These five incredible, one-of-a-kind pictures of Dolly Parton dunking are absolutely mind blowing—so if you love Dolly Parton and love basketball, you are seriously going to want to give these a share, pronto. Trust us, these never-before-seen photos of the queen of country herself performing absolutely epic dunks are

Absolutely Beautiful: This Incredible Artist Imagined What It Would Be Like If Kurt Cobain Had Lived Long Enough To Get Both His Hands Stuck In Beehives 

Since his tragic death in 1994, Kurt Cobain’s fans have wondered about all the great things he could’ve achieved had he lived, but now thanks to one amazing painter, it almost feels as if the singer is still with us: This artist imagined what it would be like if Kurt Cobain had lived long enough to get both his hands…

Seems Unnecessary: The ‘Our Story’ Section On This Family-Owned Vegan Snack Company’s Chip Bags Includes An Anecdote About A Fatal Hit-And-Run They Did In 1998

Here’s a company that might just be taking their honest, family-oriented branding a little too far: The “Our Story” section on this family-owned vegan snack company’s chip bags includes an anecdote about a fatal hit-and-run they did in 1998.