Jumping The Gun: This Kid On A Road Trip Just Started Pissing Into A Bottle Without Even Asking His Parents To Find Him A Bathroom Or Anything

A family from Eau Claire, WI is currently experiencing a baffling and unsettling situation in the middle of its interstate road trip. After just 15 minutes in the car, 9-year-old Brandon Francis just started pissing into a bottle without even asking his parents to find a bathroom or anything.

The Power Of Community: When This Town Discovered One Of Its Neighbors Was Walking 70 Miles A Day To Masturbate In The Forest, It Came Together And Bought Him A Lamborghini So He Could Drive There In Style

If you’re tired of all the negative stories in the news these days, here’s something that’ll make you smile for a change: When this town discovered one of its neighbors was walking 70 miles a day to masturbate in the forest, it came together and bought him a Lamborghini so he could drive there in style!

Look Who Came Crawling Back: The Filthy Public Toilet Stall You Thought You Were Too Good For Turned Out To Be Your Best Option

Well, well, well, would you look who’s come crawling back with their tail between their legs. Not so high and mighty now, are you? It appears that the filthy public toilet stall you thought you were too good for turned out to be your best option.

Not so picky now, are you? Take a seat on this grimy toilet, because…