If Any Autistic Kids Are Tryna Go To Prom With Me, I’d Be More Than Happy To Do That Shit (By Logan Paul)

Yo, for real? All over the world, there are people with fucked-up problems about them. It especially bums me out when I see kids with disorders and diseases so wild n’ out that they’re unable to grow up living a Maverick lifestyle, like myself and millions of my fans in the Logang do. This is why I want to give back,…

Leading A Double Life: This Guy Who Seems Pretty Normal For The Most Part Also Knows A Ton About Local High School Football

Sometimes in life, it’s the most ordinary and unassuming people who turn out to be anything but. This seems to be exactly the case for 32-year-old Jason Shepherd, who is a thoroughly normal guy in every regard except for one: He apparently knows a ton about local high school football and gets really into it.

Frantic Search: Dad Is Asking If Anyone Has Seen His Favorite Quiksilver Shirt That He Got From PacSun In 2007 That’s Made Of That Super Soft Material That You Can See His Nipples Through

If there’s any chance you’ll be crossing Dad’s path today, you might want to brace yourself, because there’s currently an extremely volatile situation developing. Dad is asking everyone if they’ve seen his favorite Quiksilver shirt that he got at PacSun in 2007 that’s made of that crazy soft material that you can…

The 4 Disgusting People Who Led Me To Abandon The Priesthood After My Hand Touched Their Tongue While Feeding Them A Communion Wafer

After many years of faithfully serving the Lord in the priesthood, I’ve decided to relinquish my vows and leave the church. Touching the horrid mouths of these four grotesque parishioners while feeding them Communion wafers has simply left me too emotionally and spiritually traumatized to continue in my ministry. I’m

Devastating: This Woman Spent Years Going To Doctor After Doctor Looking For A Diagnosis For Her Condition Before Finding Out She Had A 5-Foot-Long Sword Going Through Her Head

We all want to believe that trusting in the medical establishment will keep us healthy and safe, but the sad fact is that sometimes an accurate diagnosis is harder to come by than we would like it to be. Such was the case for Michelle Daniels, who went years jumping from doctor to doctor and failing to diagnose her…

5 Enchanted Animals That Whimsically Dress Me Up Like Snow White Every Fucking Morning Even Though I Work At An Investment Bank And Obviously Can’t Show Up Dressed Like That

Somehow a bunch of enchanted woodland animals get into my apartment every morning to dress me up like Snow White even though I’m an adult man who lives in Midtown fucking Manhattan and works as a risk methodology analyst at Deutsche Bank. I have to undo the whole goddamn outfit before work, and it’s ruining my chances

Epic Clapback: Ariana Grande Has Responded To Online Trolls By Transforming Into A Sturdy Oak Tree That Can Neither See Nor Hear Their Taunts

It seems like internet trolls are becoming more ruthless than ever these days, but one social media icon has found a truly epic way to block out haters once and for all: Ariana Grande has responded to online trolls by transforming into a sturdy oak tree that can neither see nor hear their taunts!

This is an…