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You’re going to want to see this incredible tweetstorm that pretty much the entire internet is talking about. Del Monte just had a full-on meltdown on Twitter yesterday afternoon after nobody responded to its heartfelt memorial tribute to someone it calls the father of modern green beans.

The canned-food conglomerate’s social media tantrum began when it made a heartfelt post acknowledging the passing of an innovator of the American green-bean industry:


When this tweet failed to generate a response from other Twitter users, Del Monte got increasingly frustrated and emotional:

Del Monte then posted a picture of the late Lawrence Gunnarson, but when it was clear that nobody recognized the man in the picture, its anger eventually gave way to sadness.


Wow. This is a serious PR failure for such a high-profile public company. Hopefully Del Monte can calm down about this apparently important green-bean figure long enough to do some damage control—and soon.

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