Illustration for article titled TV Fans Rejoice! The Cast Of Friends Reunited To Form A Giant Mech Suit To Battle A Colossal Lizard Attacking L.A.

It was 15 years ago that Friends left the air after 10 incredible seasons, and loyal viewers have been missing the Central Perk pals ever since. But today, those fans got an amazing treat when the Friends cast reunited to assemble into a giant mech suit to battle the colossal lizard attacking L.A.!


Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey: They’re back together at last and piloting a skyscraper-sized robot that is Los Angeles’ only hope!

The surprise reunion happened earlier today when Reptrilax, an enormous mutant lizard, emerged from the sea and began stomping a trail of destruction across the Los Angeles. L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti immediately pressed a large red button on his desk to activate the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. initiative, at which point the tune of “Smelly Cat” blasted from loudspeakers across California to summon the former costars to City Hall.

Awesome! Fans have been waiting for a cataclysmic threat like this to finally bring the Friends gang back together.

Moments later, the Friends arrived piloting individual G.U.N.T.H.E.R. battle mechs, each one shaped like a different animal. After team leader David Schwimmer showed up in his T-rex robot, modeled after the dinosaurs that paleontologist Ross Geller studies, he led the squad as they recited their sacred motto and vow to protect to the innocent: “I’ll be there for you//when the rains start to pour.”


As the sitcom stars charged into battle, fans across L.A. were delighted by emotional moments like Courteney Cox’s robo-lion unleashing its fearsome claw attack, and Matthew Perry’s mecha-gorilla hurling a city bus at their reptilian foe.

Unfortunately, their separate robots proved unable to damage Reptrilax’s impenetrable scaly hide, so the hilarious actors combined to form the gigantic robot known as “The One That Is Our Ultimate Form. With a cast member controlling each limb, Cmdr. Schwimmer issuing orders from the head, and Matt LeBlanc inside the chest as the team’s heart and moral compass, they drew the robot’s 100-foot-long katana and unleashed their devastating special move “The Break”which can cleave any enemy in two the way Ross and Rachel separated after he slept with another woman thinking it didn’t count as cheating.


Sadly, once Reptrilax had been beheaded, the monster exploded into a flash of green radioactive energy and the actors had to once again go their separate ways. Still, fans across the country were overjoyed to see the Friends gang back together, and the reunion was a heartwarming reminder of how much chemistry they had as a cast. Let’s hope another monster attacks L.A. soon so the Friends have to assemble into a mech again!

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