Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled The Mischief Master Strikes Again! Bill Murray Surprised This Lucky Fan By Tumbling Dead Out Of The Overhead Bin After A 16-Hour Flight To Japan

Bill Murray just cemented his reputation as one of the best pranksters of all time with his latest epic stunt. When a plane landed after a 16-hour flight from L.A. to Japan, one lucky man opened the overhead luggage bin and got the surprise of a lifetime when Bill Murray’s corpse tumbled out.

Bravo, sir! The late Bill Murray has officially won the internet with this one!

Unsuspecting airline passengers had no idea that they were about to see the legendary actor, which made their reaction to Bill Murray’s corpse falling into the aisle so priceless. The amazed spectators wasted no time before snapping selfies with the super chill laid-back dead body of the Ghostbusters star. If there weren’t photos of his icy corpse sprawled on the airplane floor you’d dismiss this as another Bill Murray urban legend, but we’re glad to say that this incredible practical joke is 100 percent real. Bill Murray is just that awesome.


Movie buffs will especially appreciate that Bill Murray’s remains were discovered in an airplane on the tarmac of Tokyo International Airport, which is located in the same city where his classic film Lost In Translation takes place. Pretty neat!

While most celebs are too busy or self-important to interact with fans like this, Bill Murray has proven once again that he’s basically the coolest guy ever by having his own stiffened dead body drop out of a luggage bin for everyone to hang out with. We tip our hat to you, Mr. Murray!

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