Jumping The Gun: This Kid On A Road Trip Just Started Pissing Into A Bottle Without Even Asking His Parents To Find Him A Bathroom Or Anything

A family from Eau Claire, WI is currently experiencing a baffling and unsettling situation in the middle of its interstate road trip. After just 15 minutes in the car, 9-year-old Brandon Francis just started pissing into a bottle without even asking his parents to find a bathroom or anything.

The Power Of Community: When This Town Discovered One Of Its Neighbors Was Walking 70 Miles A Day To Masturbate In The Forest, It Came Together And Bought Him A Lamborghini So He Could Drive There In Style

If you’re tired of all the negative stories in the news these days, here’s something that’ll make you smile for a change: When this town discovered one of its neighbors was walking 70 miles a day to masturbate in the forest, it came together and bought him a Lamborghini so he could drive there in style!