Resistance Win: When One Of Her Students Wore A MAGA Hat To Class, This Incredible Teacher Stopped Having Sex With Him After School

Fair warning to all you Drumpf lovers out there: You might want to keep scrolling past this story, because a Resistance smackdown this epic may be too much for you to handle: A student in this Toledo, OH high school wore a MAGA hat to class, and his incredible teacher’s amazing response was to completely stop having…

Could Go Either Way: No One’s Sure Whether The Kid Who Just Asked The Sex-Ed Teacher If Turds Come Out Of Pussies Said It To Be Funny Or Out Of Genuine Ignorance

A mystery is currently unfolding that’s completely bewildered every fifth-grader at Columbus Elementary in Hastings, Nebraska. At the present moment, no one can really tell whether the kid who just asked the sex-ed teacher if turds come out of pussies said it to be funny or out of genuine ignorance.

Into Darkness: This Modern-Day Explorer Traversed Some Guy’s 3-Bedroom Apartment To Use The Bathroom After Sex To Avoid A UTI

Most people choose to stay in the comfort of the familiar instead of venturing out into the dangers of the unknown. Erica Wilkes is decidedly not one of those people. After going home with a guy from the bar, Erica bravely made her way across his entire three-bedroom apartment in order to use the bathroom so she could…

Body Positivity FTW: Trojan Has Released A New Line Of Extra-Small Condoms For Men Whose Penises Are Shorter Than 15 Inches

The body positivity movement has done incredible work to empower people who fall outside our society’s ridiculous mainstream beauty standards, but even the most vocal activists sometimes forget about the body struggles that men go through. Thankfully, Trojan just did something totally awesome and body-positive for the…

Changing With The Times: The Catholic Church Will Now Waive The Celibacy Requirement For Priests Who’ve Made A Pact With Their Friends To All Get Laid By The End Of Summer

There are few institutions more slow-moving and set in its ways than the Catholic Church, but the Vatican just made a decision that shows it’s willing to make some concessions to modern times: The Catholic Church has announced that it will waive the celibacy requirement for priests who have made a pact with their…


Positive Influence: 5 Ways To Nudge Your Teen’s Sex Dreams Toward A Stable, Respectable Type Of Guy Who Could Support Them Financially Throughout Their Life

Your teen’s sex dreams are likely filled with the type of chiseled, steely-eyed bad boys who, while certainly titillating, set harmful and unrealistic expectations about what a healthy, supportive relationship should look like. Here are five ways to influence your teen’s subconscious so that they’ll start having sex

Incredibly Generous: Regis Philbin Visited This Sex Ed Class And Told The Students That Vultures Would Eat Him Alive If Any Of Them Had Sex Before Marriage

Well, it turns out that some celebrities stay incredibly kind and generous no matter how famous they get. According to reports from faculty and students at Arlington High School in upstate New York, Regis Philbin visited a sex ed class last week and generously gave the children a lecture about how vultures would eat…

Stay Alert: 6 Ways To Tell If The Email You Got From Scarlett Johansson Asking For Your Credit Card Info So She Can Buy Sex Gear For Your Love Carnival Is A Phishing Scam Or Not

You have an email sitting in your inbox from Scarlett Johansson, wanting to have a long passionate session with you. She’s ready, impatient, and wants your credit card info to buy sex gear. As convincing as the email is, there are also hundreds of malicious scammers online waiting for someone like you to slip up. How