Poor Kid: Eddie Vedder Just Said Something Rude About Donald Trump So Now This 8-Year-Old Has To Listen To His Dad Yell About Eddie Vedder For 2 Weeks

Well, this isn’t going to be fun. It looks like the next couple of weeks will probably be a bit rough for 8-year-old Jayden Corlett, because his dad found out that Eddie Vedder said something rude about Donald Trump and now he’s got to endure his dad constantly complaining about Eddie Vedder for the foreseeable future.

I’m With Dad: 4 Reasons Why Me And Dad Think The Old Howard Stern Wouldn’t Even Recognize The New Politically Correct Howard Stern 

Sometimes when my dad picks me up from places, he’ll turn on the Howard Stern channel on Sirius XM and let me listen. My dad says that Howard used to be, like, the best guy on the radio back in the day, and from all the stories he’s told me about the old show, it’s pretty obvious to me that these days Howard is a…

Major Backfire: This 13-Year-Old’s Attempts To Untag Himself From All Facebook Pictures With His 400-Pound Aunt Have Only Made His Friends More Fascinated With Her

Appearances are everything for teenagers, but sometimes their efforts to control how they’re perceived by their peers can majorly backfire. This is a lesson that 13-year-old Jackson Orrin is learning the hard way, as all his attempts to untag himself from Facebook pictures with his 400-pound aunt have only made his…