Enough Time Has Passed To Reveal George W. Bush Was The ‘American Idiot’ (By Billie Joe Armstrong)

When my band Green Day released our album American Idiot almost 13 years ago, we knew we were lobbing a grenade into the lap of the culture. With the fallout from 9/11 and the Iraq War revealing deep divisions in American society, our confrontational lyrics and attitude clearly touched a nerve, if our 15 million…

In Theory, If The Edge Went To Sleep In The Middle Of A Concert, Would You Be Able To Climb On Stage And Replace Him?

For argument’s sake, let’s say that you are at a U2 concert. And at this U2 concert, a man on stage has fallen sound asleep. Who is this slumbering man? Why, none other than U2’s very own lead guitarist, The Edge. In this hypothetical scenario, do you think you could climb up there and replace him? Take this quiz to