Incredible Timing: The Backlash Against The Wellness Industry Has Coincided Perfectly With This Man’s Commitment To Not Making Any Meaningful Changes In His Life

Every now and then in life, the stars align in just the right way for remarkable things to happen, and here’s an amazing example of just that: The recent backlash against the wellness industry has coincided perfectly with this man’s commitment to not making any meaningful changes in his life.

Absolutely Perfect: The San Diego Zoo Just Totally Stuck It To Donald Trump By Putting An Orange Wig On A Giraffe And Blowing It Up With Dynamite

If you want your daily dose of awesome, look no further, because a few brave heroes have just struck a blow for democracy and freedom! Earlier this morning, the San Diego Zoo completely stuck it to Donald Trump by putting an orange wig on one of their giraffes and blowing it up with dynamite!

You Go, Girl! This Badass Bride Isn’t Afraid To Show Off The Tattoos She Woke Up With In The Desert With No Idea Who She Is

You may not see anyone who looks like Michaela Hodge in wedding magazines, but this badass bride proves that you don’t need to go traditional to look breathtakingly beautiful. Twenty-eight-year old Michaela, who just got married last month, went for an unconventional look and wore a stunning wedding dress that boldly…

This Plus-Size Model Was Inspiring. But Then She Lost 100 Pounds, Which Was… Also Inspiring? Even Though She Was Already Perfect Before? But She Is Also Perfect Now?

Plus-size model Adriana Lettieri was an inspiration to curvy women everywhere, proving with each magazine cover she graced that all body types are beautiful. Now, after several healthy lifestyle changes, she’s had a stunning physical transformation. One hundred pounds thinner, Adriana’s hitting the runway in the best…

Making His Own Way: This College Student Refuses To Let His Parents Pay For Anything Outside Of Tuition, Rent, And Food

These days, it’s rare to see college students who don’t ask for and receive all the help they can get, but Emerson freshman Greg Robinson is a big-time outlier. Intensely committed to forging his own path, he’s decided that he won’t let his parents pay for anything except for his food, rent, and tuition!