Car Of The Future: Elon Musk Has Revealed That The Next Tesla Will Feature A Ziploc Bag Of Cashews In The Glove Compartment

Tech visionary Elon Musk took to the internet earlier today to announce a key feature of his latest Tesla model, and based on this bombshell, it sounds like it’s going to be one of his most futuristic creations yet: Elon Musk just revealed that the next Tesla will feature a Ziploc bag of cashews in the glove…

No Big News For Bagels: The Bagel Industry Just Issued Its Daily 600-Page Report On The State Of The Bagel Industry And Nothing Major Has Changed Since Yesterday

Bagel fans can take it easy today, because the bagel industry just issued its daily 600-page report on the state of bagels, and nothing big has changed since yesterday. The phonebook-sized volume, which is published every day in 76 countries around the world in 254 languages, reported this morning that pretty much…

Are You Being Forced To Move To A New School Several Times A Year Because Your Dad’s In The Army Or Because He Loves The Army?

When your family moves around a lot, sometimes it can be hard to tell if it’s because your dad is in the Army or if your dad just loves the Army so much that he constantly uproots his family to be closer to it. Take this quiz to finally find out if your dad serves in the military, or he’s just in love with it.