Hot Hot Hollywood: Armie Hammer Has Removed His Toupee In Church And Is Using The Severed Leg Of A Flamingo To Push It Toward A Scared Little Boy

A hot new celebrity sighting is getting splattered all over the tabloids and it’s got absolutely everyone talking: According to gossip and beautiful paparazzi photos, movie star heart throb Armie Hammer has removed his toupee in church and is using the severed leg of a flamingo to push it across the floor toward a…

The 4 Disgusting People Who Led Me To Abandon The Priesthood After My Hand Touched Their Tongue While Feeding Them A Communion Wafer

After many years of faithfully serving the Lord in the priesthood, I’ve decided to relinquish my vows and leave the church. Touching the horrid mouths of these four grotesque parishioners while feeding them Communion wafers has simply left me too emotionally and spiritually traumatized to continue in my ministry. I’m