Incredible: This Amazing Artist Depicted What John Lennon Would Look Like If He Were Alive Today And Far Away

When John Lennon was shot outside his home on December 8, 1980, the world lost one of its most talented and beloved artists. Though we may never know what things would have been like if Lennon’s life hadn’t been cut so tragically short, a talented young illustrator has found a pretty cool way to give fans a glimpse at…

The Power Of Community: When This Town Discovered One Of Its Neighbors Was Walking 70 Miles A Day To Masturbate In The Forest, It Came Together And Bought Him A Lamborghini So He Could Drive There In Style

If you’re tired of all the negative stories in the news these days, here’s something that’ll make you smile for a change: When this town discovered one of its neighbors was walking 70 miles a day to masturbate in the forest, it came together and bought him a Lamborghini so he could drive there in style!

Plop Your Infant In Front Of These Pictures Of Gore Vidal While You Go Spend A Week In Las Vegas! [Sponsored By The Las Vegas Tourism Board]

As a parent, it can be hard to find the time or a sitter to take a trip somewhere special with your significant other. That’s why the Las Vegas Tourism Board is proud to present this collection of pictures of deceased public intellectual Gore Vidal that you can set your infant in front of, freeing you to indulge in a…

Heartwarming: When This Subway Employee Had To Walk 20 Miles To Work Because He Couldn’t Afford A Car, The CEO Of Subway Drove Alongside Him To Cheer Him On

If you think all corporate CEOs are heartless monsters who only care about their companies’ bottom lines, this story is going to make you think again: When a 27-year-old employee at Subway had to walk 20 miles to work because he couldn’t afford a car, the CEO of Subway drove alongside him to cheer him on.

Incredible Promotion: If You Go To The Store And Buy 5 Cowboy Hats And Send ClickHole A Picture Of Yourself Wearing Your Favorite One, You Can Keep Them All, No Questions Asked

Get excited, because ClickHole is offering an incredible promotion that you’re going to want to take advantage of ASAP: If you go to the store and buy five cowboy hats and send us a picture of yourself wearing your favorite one, you can keep all the hats, no questions asked.

Hot Hot Hollywood: Drew Carey Has Been Standing In A Barnes & Noble For 3 Hours Feeling The Embossed Letters On The Cover Of ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! 2015’ With His Eyes Closed

Ah, Hollywood—the glamorous city hidden away in the hills, the town of tinsel—where dreams come true! Every now and again, L.A.’s shimmering stars roll down from their hilltop castles to allow the public a glimpse at what life is like in luxury’s wide, firm lap, and today we are blessed indeed: Television’s own Drew…

Hot Hot Hollywood: Danny DeVito Has Been Spotted Sweeping The Grass Median In The Middle Of Rodeo Drive With A Small Umpire Brush In Search Of Fossils 

Look at him go and smell his glitz and glamour! Yes, it’s the Hollywood acting legend of the big screen and some magazines also, Mr. Danny DeVito! And now is the time to feast your eyes on this hot dish of Hollywood action: Mr. DeVito has been spotted sweeping the grass median in the middle of Rodeo Drive with a small…

Wonderful! Everyone In This Office Cheers And Hugs Each Other Every Day At 5 P.M. Because That’s When They All Get To Go Home And Have Diarrhea

Oftentimes these days the world can feel like a hopeless place, but the incredible employees of Miller-Sedgwick Auto Insurance in Ann Arbor, Michigan, are living proof that there’s still light and happiness to be found in these dark times. Every day at 5 p.m., everyone in the Miller-Sedwick offices begins to cheer and…

Medical Breakthrough: When This Man’s Hulk Hands Were Destroyed In A Car Accident, Doctors Built Him State-Of-The-Art Prosthetic Hulk Hands

Thirty-seven-year-old Steven Valentine feared he might never be the same after suffering a tragic injury, but thanks to a heroic team at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he can live happily for years to come: When Robert lost the use of his Hulk Hands in a devastating car accident, doctors built him brand-new, state-of-the-art…

Redemption: This Senior Class Really Came Together To Plan The Senior Prank After Dropping The Ball On The Fundraiser For A Classmate’s Surgery

If you had looked at the Pine Richland High senior class just a few months ago, you wouldn’t have expected much from it. But in an incredible moment of redemption, these students successfully came together to plan their senior prank after totally dropping the ball on a fundraiser for their classmate’s surgery.