Redemption: This Senior Class Really Came Together To Plan The Senior Prank After Dropping The Ball On The Fundraiser For A Classmate’s Surgery

If you had looked at the Pine Richland High senior class just a few months ago, you wouldn’t have expected much from it. But in an incredible moment of redemption, these students successfully came together to plan their senior prank after totally dropping the ball on a fundraiser for their classmate’s surgery.

A Piece Of History: The Bulletproof Helmet JFK Took Off So He Could Let His Long, Luscious Hair Blow Freely In The Wind On The Day He Died Is Coming To The Smithsonian 

The shocking assassination of President John F. Kennedy is one of the darkest days in U.S. history, and one that irrevocably changed the course of the nation. Now, almost 55 years after Lee Harvey Oswald robbed the country of its young and promising leader, a critical relic from that fateful day will be put on display…

6 Beautiful Pieces Of Jewelry That Lorenzo The Street Urchin Stole From Tourists To Put On His Sleeping Uncle Matteo So He Would Wake Up Feeling Like A King

O, sweet Lorenzo! He may not know right from wrong, but beneath his inborn vagrant nature flickers an ember of nobler tendency. Here are six pieces of beautiful jewelry that he stole to put on his dear sleeping Uncle Matteo so the weary old man would wake up feeling like a king.


Reaching Across The Aisle: Democrats And Republicans Have Gerrymandered Around A Single Citizen Neither Party Wants

It’s no secret that America’s political system is wrought with subversion on both sides of the aisle, but every now and then, a ray of light shines through. In a rare and heartening example of bipartisanship, democrats and republicans in Virginia have set aside their differences to gerrymander around a single citizen…

Heartwarming: When This Fifth Grader Had No One To Sit With At Lunch, The School Went Ahead And Made Him A Janitor

Life in the fifth grade had been pretty rough for 10-year-old Mason Williams. He had been having trouble making friends and ate alone in the cafeteria every single day. But when Mason’s teachers noticed that he had nobody to sit with at lunch, they got together and did something truly wonderful: They went ahead and…

A Piece Of History: The Bird The Wright Brothers Sat On Top Of For Research Is Being Added To The Air And Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., is full of incredible exhibits about the history of flight, but its newest acquisition might be its best one yet! It was just announced that the museum has acquired the bird that the Wright brothers sat on top of in order to research the science of aviation!

Huge Either Way: Researchers In The Amazon Have Discovered Either The World’s Largest Frog Or The World’s Most Luxurious Beanbag Chair

Get ready to geek out, because a team of scientists says it has found something in the jungle that will absolutely blow your mind. Researchers in the Amazon have apparently just made an incredible discovery: Either they have just found the world’s largest frog or the world’s most luxurious beanbag chair, and they…