Royal Baby Watch! Harry And Meghan Just Carved A Hole In The Side Of The PODS Container Where They Live Through Which Meghan Will Give Birth

Less than a month has passed since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they are expecting their first baby, but that hasn’t stopped the soon-to-be parents from making arrangements for the day their newborn arrives. As expected, the latest royal couple is about to enter the next phase of their lives together…

Incredible Breakthrough: Medical Researchers At Harvard Have Discovered A Way To Put A Dead Patient’s Brain In The Microwave While They Have Sex With Each Other On The Floor

A group of scientists at one of America’s top universities just made an incredible breakthrough that will change the way doctors practice medicine forever. Medical researchers at Harvard University have discovered a way to put a dead patient’s brain in the microwave while they have sex with each other on the floor.

Every Father Looks Forward To The Day He Can Grind With His Second Wife To ‘Love Shack’ At His Daughter’s Wedding

Take it from someone who knows—nothing compares to the special bond between a father and his little girl. The second you hold her for the first time, it’s all over. She is your world. But throughout it all, there’s one classic moment you imagine hundreds of times that really brings everything full circle: Every father…

Awesome! Koala Kare Has Announced That If There Are Any Adults Out There Who Want To Lie Down On Its Baby-Changing Tables And Change Their Pants, Then Have At It

If you’re not the parent of a toddler, then baby-changing tables probably aren’t a part of your day-to-day routine, but that might be set to change: Koala Kare just announced that if there are any adults out there who want to lie down on its baby changing tables and change their pants, then they can have at it.

A Sacred Bacchanal: The Fleetwood Mac Cover Band Is In Town For Its Annual Show So It’s Time For Mom To Get Completely Wasted Off Two Coronitas And Start Grinding

This sacred occasion has long been foreshadowed by posters hung in community centers and half-page ads in the local newspaper, but now as lawn chairs are erected and cheese plates brought forth from picnic baskets, it is clear that the blessed hour is upon us at last: The Fleetwood Mac cover band has arrived in town…