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Some Shit’s About To Go Down: This Health Teacher Just Announced That Her Classroom Is A Judgment-Free Zone

Buckle up, because it looks like this Northwood High School 10th-grade health class is about to enter some seriously uncharted territory: Mrs. Jennings just announced that her classroom is a judgment-free zone.

Holy shit. This is not going to be your regular health class. Whatever’s about to happen is going to be wild.


At the very beginning of the class period, Mrs. Jennings dropped the bombshell that any questions asked within the following 55 minutes would be answered openly and honestly, with absolutely no judgment from herself or anyone else in the class—leaving the floodgates wide fucking open for people to ask about shit like oral sex, smoking weed, and god knows what the fuck else. Mrs. Jennings told all the students that as long as they were respectful of themselves and each other, nothing was off limits, so you can bet some intense and personal discussions are coming down the pipeline.

Damn. Mrs. Jennings just opened up Pandora’s box in a big way. There’s no telling what’s about to happen, but we wouldn’t be surprised if someone either cried or left the room by the time class was over.


According to the juniors who had Mrs. Jennings when she did the judgment-free session last year, she totally told the class that watching porn is a normal part of growing up, so you know she’s willing to go completely balls to the walls with the whole “open and honest” thing. The way she established the community norms for this class period, something epic is going to happen, guaranteed. Whether someone mentions an insane hookup story or reveals that they think a friend might be an alcoholic, Mrs. Jennings is going to have to address it, and it’s going to be insane.

Yup. Mrs. Jennings essentially wrote a blank check for some crazy shit to happen, and this health class is going to cash in. Hopefully these kids are ready for a pulse-pounding roller coaster of a class period, because things are about to get good.


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