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Tim Maillet’s daughter, Olivia, just turned 6 years old, and that means she’s at an age where getting nighttime visits from storybook monsters seems to her like a very real possibility. So when she got worried that some such monsters were under her bed, her dad shined a flashlight down there to show her that there was nothing there except for a few normal guys.

So precious! Tim definitely gets our vote for Father of the Year!

As Tim put Olivia to bed one night last week, she begged him not to leave, saying that monsters under her bed were going to eat her. Tim, being the super-dad that he is, gently explained to his little girl that there’s no such thing as monsters, before fetching a Maglite to show her that her monsters were nothing but a couple of ordinary men, no bigger than her own daddy, just sitting there quietly in the dark.


This is definitely the most adorable story you’re going to hear all day! Now when little Olivia hears a scary noise under her bed in the middle of the night, she’ll know that it’s just the regular men under her bed instead of some scary monster with huge fangs and deadly claws. Olivia is definitely a lucky little girl to have such a great dad to take care of her!

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