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Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled Shocking Statistic: The Average American Is Ingesting More Than 8 Pounds Of Spiders Right This Second

This is one of those stunning factoids that, no matter how many times you hear it, is just a little bit freaky: Statistics suggest that the average American is ingesting more than 8 pounds of spiders right this second.

If you’re a little creeped out, you’re not alone!

You might think the idea that anyone would ever swallow a spider is ridiculous, but the fact is that on average, Americans have more than 100 ounces of spiders parading down their gullets as you read this sentence. Of course, 8 pounds is only the statistical meanthere are surely some people who are only eating one or two spiders at the moment while others are downing a dump truck’s worth.


So weird, right? We bet you’re wondering how many pounds of spiders you’re eating right now!

The good news is that this phenomenon is totally normal and not dangerousof the thousands of spiders currently stampeding into the typical American’s mouth, most are not poisonous, and may even provide several pounds of protein when ingested!

Well, we hope this article taught you a little something! Send it along to a friend to let them know just how many spiders they’re eating right now!

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