Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled Science FTW: Researchers Covered Head To Toe In Mustard Have Announced That Their Colleagues Got Them Good

Anyone who keeps up with the science world is going to want to take some time to read about this fascinating new development: Stanford researchers covered head to toe in mustard have announced that their colleagues got them good.

Wow! What an exciting revelation, straight from some of the best scientific minds in the country.


The epigenetics researchers soaked in bright yellow Heinz mustard held a press conference this morning to announce that they’d been had. “After thorough analysis, we have come to the conclusion that our friends in the bioengineering department really pulled one over on us,” said lead researcher Shannon Padgett. “Our hypothesis stated that after we got them good last week, there was no way we would ever get our comeuppance—but as of this morning, experiential evidence has proven that hypothesis false.”

“Needless to say, the implications as far as how we could potentially get them back are numerous,” Padgett added, taking off one of her shoes and shaking several ounces of mustard out of it. “What’s most exciting for us as researchers is that this isn’t over.”

Well, science nerds all over the world are no doubt going to be following this news with rapt attention. We can’t wait to find out whether these incredible researchers manage another caper—or whether their colleagues will get the last laugh.

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