Mission Accomplished: ‘Storage Wars’ Is Ending After They Finally Found A Live Moose In One Of The Storage Containers

Fans of Storage Wars, listen up, because there’s some major news coming your way.

For 11 successful seasons, Storage Wars has been a hallmark of the A&E channel, but that’s all about to come to an end: The television program is officially wrapping up now that they finally found a live moose in one of the storage containers.


Mission accomplished! What an exciting and satisfying conclusion for fans of the series.

For over 250 episodes, the professional buyers featured on Storage Wars have opened storage unit after storage unit to reveal piles of junk or valuable antiques, but never once did any one of them fulfill their mission of discovering a moose living in one of the abandoned units. That all changed last Thursday, when at long last auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson threw open the door of an abandoned storage unit in Pasadena, CA to discover that a sickly and emaciated moose was living inside. Cheers erupted from cast and crew as people crowded around the unit to see the moose, which was chewing on fiberglass insulation and butting its head into a beautiful 1920s-era baby-grand piano. Immediately, the show’s director called for a halt in production, as they’d finally discovered a moose, and the show had no reason to continue.

“It has always been the mission of our show to open storage units until we found a live moose, and I am proud to say we’ve achieved that purpose,” said Elaine Bryant, one of the show’s executive producers, in a press release. “Over the course of the series we’ve seen many priceless antiques and family artifacts and countless dead moose, but the moment they opened that door and I saw those big brown hooves and enormous antlers moving about, I knew we’d finally done it. Now everyone can go home and no one has to work on Storage Wars ever again, because we finally found a moose in a storage unit.”

After they discovered the moose, Dan and Laura auctioned off the drum kit that had been inside the container with the moose, then joined the buyers in a thunderous round of applause as everyone began to dismantle the set and prepare to go home. Cameramen stopped shooting and sent their footage to the editing bay before heading out, their jobs at Storage Wars officially at an end. And what a run it was. Congrats to everyone at the show!


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