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Mind-Blowing: This Incredible Fan Theory Suggests That Mr. Bean Is A Weird And Goofy Dude

Forget everything you knew about Mr. Bean, because one amazing Redditor just came up with an eye-opening interpretation of the classic character that will make you see him in a totally new light: This new fan theory suggests that Mr. Bean is a weird and goofy dude.

Yup. Take a second to pick your jaw off the ground, and then watch this mind-blowing viral video that lays out the game-changing Mr. Bean theory below:

Crazy, right? The shocking Mr. Bean theory all started when Reddit user The_bman35 took to the r/FanTheories message board to discuss his theory after watching an episode in which Mr. Bean acted in an odd and inappropriate manner at a hospital:


Far-fetched as it seemed, the post racked up hundreds of upvotes, and before long, dozens of Redditors began piling on with piece after piece of evidence suggesting that the creators of Mr. Bean might have hidden a secret message in the show—namely, that Mr. Bean was not normal, but rather zany and peculiar.

There may be a few skeptics out there, but honestly we’re convinced. This theory changes everything we thought we knew about Mr. Bean. Thanks, internet!

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