Illustration for article titled Meeting Of The Minds: President Trump And Kim Kardashian Convened In The Oval Office Yesterday To Tell Each Other That They’ve Been On TV

Taking time out of their busy schedules to discuss matters of mutual importance, President Donald Trump and reality star Kim Kardashian convened in the Oval Office yesterday to let each other know that they’ve been on TV. After greeting one another with a prolonged series of bows to convey respect, the high profile pair then sat down at the Resolute desk and quickly got down to business.

“Mr. President, I would like for you to know that I have been on TV before,” said Kardashian, opening the important dialogue.


“I have been on TV also,” Trump countered in a firm yet civil tone. “Have you been on TV?”

“I am confident that I have, yes,” Kardashian replied, prompting the president to nod approvingly.

“Thank you for telling me this, Kevin,” said Trump, adding, “I am beginning to gather that we have both been on TV.”

“I would have to agree, because now that I think about it, I have also been on TV,” she responded.


The pair then shook hands as the press pool took a flurry of photographs of the historic meeting.

“We are on TV right now,” Trump proceeded to announce before switching on the television near his desk and turning to an episode of Mike & Molly. “See? Here we are.”


“I believe so, yes,” Kardashian agreed. “This is us on TV.”

Trump then got up, went into the adjoining bathroom, and used the toilet with the door wide open while an unattended Kardashian pressed all the buttons on the Resolute desk and whistled quietly to herself. Moments later, Trump burst through the east wall of the Oval Office on a riding lawnmower and introduced himself to Kardashian, believing her to be his wife. Speaking in serious tones, the two then told each other several more times that they’d been on TV before finally concluding the meeting, at which point the president wandered out into the White House Rose Garden, took off his shirt, and fell asleep facedown in a bed of tulips.


Though it does not seem that the Trump-Kardashian summit will lead to any concrete changes in U.S. policy, the pair’s marquee meeting marks the first time in White House history that the celebrity guest star of Wrestlemania 23 and the celebrity guest star of Wrestlemania 24 have convened in the Oval Office for formal discussions.

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