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Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled Master Dealmaker: Donald Trump Negotiated With Kim Jong-Un To End The U.S.’s Nuclear Weapons Program In Exchange For Reduced Sanctions On North Korea

It seems as if Donald Trump’s brash, unpredictable approach to foreign diplomacy is finally paying off in a big way, as the president just successfully reached a deal with Kim Jong-un to end the U.S.’s nuclear weapons program in exchange for reduced sanctions on North Korea.

After a marathon closed-door meeting Tuesday, a smiling Trump emerged with news that he had struck a landmark deal with his long-time adversary, the terms of which require the U.S. to provide billions of dollars in annual economic aid and sanctions relief to North Korea under the condition that the U.S. carry out a complete and irreversible dismantlement of the American nuclear weapons program.


According to reports, the typically recalcitrant Mr. Kim was reluctant to agree to President Trump’s terms, but ultimately relented after Trump demanded that the North Korean government also accept a gift of 500 tanks from the United States military.

“Following months of tough talk and escalating threats, Kim Jong-un immediately folded under the pressure of President Trump’s masterful negotiation tactics and has conceded to allow the total denuclearization of the United States,” stated an official White House press release. “Thanks to President Trump’s bold, forceful dealmaking, we will soon be living in a world where a denuclearized America is sending constant gifts and financial aid to North Korea.”

Wow. While many have been skeptical about Trump’s ability to resolve international conflicts, the president deserves major credit for securing this agreement and moving the U.S. toward a more peaceful future. It looks like President Trump truly is the greatest negotiator alive!

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