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Major Backfire: This 13-Year-Old’s Attempts To Untag Himself From All Facebook Pictures With His 400-Pound Aunt Have Only Made His Friends More Fascinated With Her

Appearances are everything for teenagers, but sometimes their efforts to control how they’re perceived by their peers can majorly backfire. This is a lesson that 13-year-old Jackson Orrin is learning the hard way, as all his attempts to untag himself from Facebook pictures with his 400-pound aunt have only made his friends much more fascinated with her.

Poor kid. Talk about digging your own grave.

Had Jackson just let himself stay tagged in the numerous Facebook photos of himself and his 400-pound Aunt Cindy from the family reunion he attended last week, it’s likely that his friends wouldn’t have given the pictures much thought in the first place. But the fact that he’s been diligently untagging himself in every photo she appears in has made his friends hyper-aware of how uncomfortable he is to be seen with her, making them curious enough to click through to her profile, scroll down her feed, and learn more about this mobility scooter-riding woman who is so very obviously a source of embarrassment for Jackson.


Not only are his friends clicking “like” on the photos now, but four of them have even gotten Jackson’s large aunt to accept their friend requests, granting them access to her private albums, some of which contain photos of Jackson as a much younger boy that he probably finds even more humiliating than the ones he was most recently tagged in. Jackson undoubtedly knows that teenage boys will take any opportunity they can to rip on their friends, yet by failing to remember this at a crucial moment of his social media existence, he opened the floodgates for his buds to roast him about his morbidly obese aunt for years to come. And now, every single photo he has ever taken with his aunt has been screen-capped and shared to a Messenger group chat titled “Aunt Cindy,” which includes virtually every single kid in his friend group and, mortifyingly, the girl that he secretly has a crush on.

Yep, Jackson really stepped in it when he thought that untagging himself in pictures with his heavy aunt would fly under the radar. Hopefully he’s learned now that sometimes the best course of action for dealing with an embarrassing situation in life is to just sit on your hands and do nothing at all.

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