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Buckle up, because this story about Tim Lansen of Oakland, CA is going to be a real downer: Tim got his college diploma professionally framed.

Good god. This truly is as sad as it gets. Don’t read on unless you’re prepared to have your mood ruined for the day.


Despite the fact that it’s been nine years since he graduated with a bachelor’s of sociology from Syracuse, Tim is so inexplicably proud of his degree that he went to a custom shop and got it framed. Both of Tim’s parents went to Syracuse, too, so it’s not as if his getting accepted and finishing out four years there was some kind of unexpected accomplishment. Worst of all, Tim hung the diploma right across from the couch in his living room, as if he thinks it will serve as a conversational centerpiece when he has guests over. The sad truth is that Tim will be lucky if he gets even one comment from a houseguest about how they think they know someone else who went to Syracuse around the same time he did.

This is just awful. Tim, we will keep you in our thoughts.

While it might make sense for a doctor or lawyer to frame their diploma and hang it in their office in order to prove their credentials, it’s just straight-up tragic to see Tim, a social media manager, get his measured, matted, and framed at the age of 30. It’s unclear who Tim thinks he’s impressing—but honestly, if anyone gives a shit about Tim’s minor in political science at this point, they’re in an even sadder situation than he is. There’s a chance that Tim’s parents enjoy seeing a framed college diploma on their son’s wall, but even they would probably prefer something like a nice family photo.

Goddamn. What an absolute shame. Here’s hoping it’s not long before Tim finds something else to be proud of and hangs that up instead.

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