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Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled Incredible Sacrifice: This Mom Went Without Food For Days At A Time So Her Children Could Have A Smoking-Hot Mom

There’s nothing more powerful in this world than a mother’s love, and here’s a story that proves it: This amazing woman went days at a time without eating food so that her kids could have a smoking-hot mom.

What an incredible sacrifice!

Having grown up with parents who weren’t even remotely sexy, 44-year-old Karen Hoeksma knows all too well the shame of getting picked up at school by a parent who’s a three or four at best, and she always dreamed of one day giving her own children something better. So when she finally did have kids, she decided to stop eating food for long stretches of time so that she could have a skinny supermodel bod and be the total dimepiece of a mom that she herself never had.


“I know firsthand just how embarrassing it is to have frumpy, butterfaced parents, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make sure that my kids have an absolute smokeshow to call their mom,” said Hoeksma while sunbathing in a skimpy red bikini. “It can be hard to go without food for days at a time, but at the end of my day, my kids can go to bed knowing that their mom makes their friends horny, and it’s that peace of mind that makes my sacrifice worthwhile.”

Amazing. This is officially the most emotional story of all time. Hoeksma’s children are seriously lucky to have such a selfless and fuckable mom. This story just goes to show that a mother’s love truly knows no bounds.

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