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Jane Goodall


Hello. I am Jane Goodall, the grandma who lives in the jungle with apes instead of in a house. I have lived with apes for 55 years and learned over six facts about them. One interesting fact about apes is that they are disgusting.

I am here to answer any questions you have about apes, my work, or anything else for that matter—nothing is off limits. Also, joining me today is an ape I have known for many years named Ultimate Carl, who cannot type or respond to your questions but can scream and urinate. We are both delighted to be here.

UPDATE: Thank you all for your thoughtful questions, but I’m afraid I must conclude this Q&A. Talking about apes for so long today has made me realize that I am incredibly bored with them, and I am no longer interested in them in any capacity. I shall not think of apes ever again. Goodbye forever.