Illustration for article titled Hypocrisy Much: These Elementary School Students Have Been Taunting Their Weird Classmate Even Though All Children Are Strange As Hell

Wow, you just have to shake your head at the stunning case of hypocrisy going down right now at Monte Vista Elementary in Lancaster, California: A group of students is taunting their weird classmate even though all children are strange as hell.


Unbelievable. Could these kids be any more blind to their double standards?

Several Monte Vista third-graders have been picking on their classmate Jared for spending all of recess collecting bugs as if half of them aren’t regularly crouching down, stretching their shirts over their knees, and calling themselves “munchkins” as they cackle like straight-up asylum-bound maniacs. Truly, it’s just rich to see these kids, who walk down the hallway on their tiptoes so they “don’t step on a crack” and squeal if they do, tease a boy who has brought the same book about bugs to show-and-tell eight times this year already.

Listen, if you refuse to sleep with the lights off because you think Frankenstein is literally real yet you are taunting a kid because you think he’s weird for always carrying a magnifying glass and giving names to worms he finds near the kickball field, your phony ass is overdue for a reality check. Like, really? Come on.

These kids sure talk a big game about what’s normal when it’s just a fact that every child is an absolute freak.


One thing is for certain, and it’s that somebody needs to speak some truth to these little hypocrites. Here’s a word to the wise: Don’t pick on Jared for crying when he finds a dead praying mantis unless you also plan on saying goodbye to your imaginary friend, you two-faced assholes.

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