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Huh: It Turns Out The Super Skinny Kid From School Has Pretty Huge Parents, Which Doesn’t Mean Anything, It’s Just Interesting

Hmmm...well here’s something that is, uh, certainly curious...although definitely not a big deal or anything. It’s just curious: Turns out that the super skinny kid from school has pretty huge parents, which doesn’t mean anything one way or the other, it’s just...interesting.


Again, not a big deal—just making an observation here and definitely not trying to imply anything—but you know Andrew Wilkins, right? The scrawny little guy on the eighth-grade wrestling team who wrestles in, like, the 70-pound weight class and whose entire rib cage is visible through his singlet? Well, so, his parents came to the wrestling meet last night and, uh, they’re definitely a bit...different from him, as far as body type goes. Like, the dad is over 400 pounds, easy, and the mom isn’t far behind. They’re huge, you guys. Which, no judgement or anything, but it’s not what you’d expect. Tiny kid, very big parents—it definitely catches you off guard.


Because, like, how? Not that it’s anyone’s business, but you’ve gotta wonder if maybe they’re eating different dinners than him or something. Andrew’s definitely got their facial features, so you can tell he isn’t adopted—he’s for sure their flesh and blood. But, man, seems like that apple fell pretty damn far from the tree. Like, Andrew’s not just skinny, he’s really, really skinny, in a way where you’d assume it’s genetic, like he was born with a super crazy metabolism or something. But, uh, from looking at his parents it’s pretty clear it’s not a DNA thing. It’s gotta be something else. Not gonna speculate, but it’s definitely a riddle. A real mystery.



Pretty wild, you guys. Big ol’ parents and a tiny little boy. Amazing. The world is truly an amazing place. You’d think Andrew would be huge just like his parents, but nope. Guess God had other plans.

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