Illustration for article titled Heartbreaking: Tom DeLonge Posted A 4-Hour Video Of Himself Getting A Prostate Exam From Aliens But Everyone Ignored It Because He’s Been So Annoying With Alien Stuff For So Long It Doesn’t Really Stick

One of pop-punk’s most well-known icons is learning a hard lesson about what happens when you test the public’s trust one too many times. Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge just posted a four-hour video of himself getting a prostate exam from aliens but everyone ignored it because he’s been so annoying with the alien stuff for so long it doesn’t really stick.


There’s no other way to put it: this is absolutely heartbreaking.

From writing songs about their existence to setting up an organization dedicated to researching UFOs, Tom DeLonge has spent years trying his best to convince Americans of aliens’ existence. But apparently the public has gotten so used to DeLonge constantly pestering them about extraterrestrials that by the time DeLonge posted an authentic, four-hour, high-resolution video of aliens coming into his house and giving him a prostate exam, no one cared and it simply did not register in any way.

Despite clear footage of several dozen octopedal creatures dragging DeLonge into their flying saucer, strapping the “All The Small Things” singer to a table and using a metallic probe to examine his prostate for roughly 150 minutes, the video has failed to rack up more than 200 views on YouTube and has received just six likes against 81 dislikes.

You’ve got to feel for DeLonge on this one! The poor guy must be devastated. He finally captured indisputable proof that extraterrestrial life contacted him and subjected him to extensive medical procedures, but everyone has either completely ignored it or posted comments on the video begging him to give up his annoying little alien hobby and get back to making music. It’s definitely a downer, but hopefully DeLonge can bounce back from this setback sometime soon!


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