Gamers Rejoice: Steam Is Having A Sale This Week On 50 Pounds Of Hot Salad For Only $5

If you’re a big-time gamer, you might want to get your credit card ready, because Steam just launched a brand-new sale that almost seems too good to be true. According to a recent post on the store’s front page, 50 pounds of hot salad will be available on Steam all week for only $5!

You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this amazing deal.

For a limited time, anyone with a Steam account can purchase 50 pounds of hot salad in a bag for just $5, an incredible discount considering that this amount of hot salad is usually available in the Steam store for a daunting $60. For any casual gamer who has been holding off on buying a large amount of scalding-hot lettuce and mixed vegetables from Steam because of the steep price, now is the perfect time to finally see what all the hype is about!


Wow. If you aren’t already sold on this awesome bargain, check out hot salad’s discounted listing on Steam and get hyped:

Despite the insanely low price tag, gamers can be sure that Steam’s discounted hot salad will not skimp on any features key to the hot-salad experience. This means that it will feature the core vegetable assortment of mixed greens, onions, carrots, and cherry tomatoes, all heated up to temperatures of over 250 degrees. And for the more dedicated hot-salad fan, Steam is also offering an exclusive expansion pack that includes 1,000 croutons in a partially open Ziploc bag and tupperware filled with Russian dressing that can be mixed into your hot salad for the most ample portions of hot salad possible.

This sale is really a one-of-a-kind opportunity for fans of quality PC gaming to add 50 pounds of hot salad to their collection at an insanely low price. But if you want to take advantage of it, you better act fast, because hot salad returns to its original retail price after just one week. Enjoy your hot salad, and happy gaming!


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