Illustration for article titled Fundamental Misunderstanding Of Adventure: An Investigation Into This Couple’s #SaturdayAdventures Hashtag Reveals That Most Of Their ‘Adventures’ Are Just Going To Restaurants

In this era of rampant misinformation, it’s more important than ever to not take everything you see on social media at face value, and here’s yet another story that proves why: An investigation into this couple’s #SaturdayAdventures hashtag reveals that the vast majority of their “adventures” are just going to restaurants.


After sustained examination, it becomes exceedingly clear that these people have a fundamental misunderstanding of the definition of the word “adventure.”

For much of their five-year relationship, 32-year-old Sara Byers and 30-year-old boyfriend Ryan Dunham have routinely documented their weekends together on Instagram and Facebook using #SaturdayAdventures, the wording of which instantly calls to mind the pulse-pounding, high-flying exploits of famed big-screen adventurers like Indiana Jones. However, when clicking through the 37 different posts to which the couple has assigned the hashtag, the vast majority of the posts are merely just pictures of Sara and Ryan eating at various restaurants together, a pattern that suggests that they consider going out for dim sum to be an activity on par with traversing dangerous jungle terrain or raiding ancient temples for long-forgotten treasure.

Often accompanied with captions like “Exploring a new neighborhood with my favorite guy!” and “We saw this place on Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives and just HAD to check it out!!!” most of the couple’s “#SaturdayAdventures” posts involve the two of them visiting restaurants located in the same city where they live and don’t require any harrowing journeys or heroic deeds in order to get a table. Sara and Ryan clearly have tremendous difficulties understanding the difference between going on an adventure and just eating food.

Sadly, it seems at this point that Sara and Ryan are doomed to remain ignorant as to what constitutes an actual adventure, and the experiences which they choose to label “#SaturdayAdventures” will remain wildly off-base for the foreseeable future. The couple’s tragic tale should serve as yet another cautionary tale about the power of social media to mislead people. Hopefully anyone who sees their posts will be smart enough tell the difference between going to a restaurant and going on an epic, pulse-pounding journey!


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