Find Out What Christopher Plummer, Ellen DeGeneres, And Leslie Mann Have To Say

Ever wonder what’s on the mind of today’s most notable people? Well, don’t miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day:

"I call salt and butter ‘popcorn dressing.’ It’s nice to have little things like that."


—Christopher Plummer

"Yeah, the banana peel is slippery, and it makes people fall down. But what writers and comedians often forget is that the inside of the banana is just as slippery, if not more so."

—Ellen DeGeneres
On comedy


"I met my neighbor when he came over to borrow a pound of flour. And I shuddered as I watched him pour half the flour into his son’s mouth and the rest down the back of his son’s shirt as punishment. It was then that I learned I should never trust others."

—Leslie Mann
On life lessons


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