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Find Out What Barbara Walters, Ken Griffey Jr., And Sammy Hagar Have To Say

Ever wonder what’s on the mind of today’s most notable people? Well, don’t miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day:

"I interviewed myself naked to try and feel some vulnerability, but my consummate professionalism made the nudity a non-issue."


—Barbara Walters
On journalism techniques

"After my last Major League game, I met a young fan who handed me a tear-streaked note. I was so touched. I couldn’t stop thanking him. However, when I opened the note, all it said was, ‘A whale choked and died on all your discarded sunflower seed shells.’ Reading those words broke my heart."

—Ken Griffey Jr.
On looking back at his career


"I believe in reincarnation, but every time I die, I come back as Sammy Hagar. There is no escape."

—Sammy Hagar
On belief


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