Most kids will try to be on their best behavior while staying at a friend’s house, but it looks like 11-year-old Cory Delgado is taking politeness to a whole new level: This kid on vacation with his friend’s family hasn’t taken a shit for the last six days.

Yup, you read that right. This might actually be the most well-mannered kid ever!


Cory has always had a reputation for being a nice, respectful young man among his friend group’s parents, but it wasn’t until Tommy Miller picked him as the one friend he was allowed to bring down the shore that Cory showed his full capacity for politeness by forgoing all shitting for nearly an entire week. With the goal of staying as under-the-radar as possible so he didn’t come off as an intrusion or anything, Cory has spent all of his time at the Miller’s Ocean City, NJ beach house uncomfortably holding in every shit he feels coming on, knowing full well how annoying it’d be for Tommy’s parents or older sisters to try to use the bathroom just to find that some kid they barely know is in there hogging the only toilet. Cory clearly knows how lucky he is to be on this trip, and he’s not about to make Tommy’s family regret bringing him by being a total headache who thinks he can shit at normal intervals like he owns the place.

Absolutely amazing. Cory’s parents should be proud, because they raised their son to be about as thoughtful as it gets!


You really can’t say enough about a person this considerate. While most kids in Cory’s position would merely pepper in a few run-of-the-mill polite kid moves, like saying “please” and “thank you” a weird amount, or acting excited about whatever the family wants to do no matter how boring it sounds, Cory is going above and beyond by not shitting even once. Even when he has a wide-open window of time to shit, like when Tommy’s parents go pick up dinner or head to the beach early before the kids wake up, Cory still refuses to go, well aware that they might return any second or that Tommy would rat him out and tell everyone how he bombed the bathroom while they were gone, which would be so embarrassing and make him seem sneaky or something. Cory, the saint that he is, opts to sit and grimace at the dinner table while his bloated stomach screams for relief rather than risk coming off like a rude, entitled burden.

Now THAT is what we call manners.

Incredible. He may just be a kid, but we could all stand to learn a thing or two about thoughtfulness from someone like this. Cory, we salute you!