Cutest Celebrity Couple Ever! Kevin Hart And A Version Of Kevin Hart From 3 Years In The Future Were Spotted Holding Hands On VE Day

If you thought Hollywood romances couldn’t get more adorable than Chrissy Teigen and John Legend or Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, think again, because we’ve officially found everyone’s new favorite celeb couple: Kevin Hart and a version of Kevin Hart from three years in the future were spotted holdings hands on VE day.

Just yes! Kevin Hart and Kevin Hart three years from now are relationship goals personified!


Comedy superstar Kevin Hart and a slightly older version of comedy superstar Kevin Hart were just seen strolling hand-in-hand through 1945 Times Square, quietly enjoying the large crowds celebrating the unconditional surrender of Nazi forces in Europe. Paparazzi photos reveal that Kevin Hart was wearing a fresh Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII T-shirt, while Kevin Hart three years from now rocked a sleek Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl LV T-shirt—a supremely casual yet hot look for what is without a doubt the hottest couple in World War II America.

As if that sight weren’t perfect enough, the gossip going around is that they both held a newspaper emblazoned with the headline “GERMANY SURRENDERS!” as Kevin Hart dipped and kissed the just marginally older-looking Kevin Hart, all to the applause of several hundred American sailors surrounding them.


Ugh, our hearts are LITERALLY melting right now.

We are praying with all our might that this couple makes it, because a Kevin Hart and Kevin Hart from the near-future wedding would be the most precious thing ever. Who knows? If the rumor that these two were just passing by the VE Day celebrations on their way to the 1969 moon landing for their 800-year anniversary is true, then we may be closer to them tying the knot than we even realize. Kevin Hart and kind of noticeably older Kevin Hart, you are giving us life right now!!!


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