Illustration for article titled Body-Positive Marketing: Dove’s New Freak Show Wagon Of ‘Nature’s Most Curious Mistakes And Human Horrors’ Is Traveling Across America To Show That Beauty Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

If you’re tired of beauty brands promoting the same unrealistic “conventionally attractive” body types as always, you are going to absolutely love this bold new campaign from a company whose marketing team truly gets it: Dove’s new freak show wagon, “Nature’s Most Curious Mistakes And Human Horrors,” is traveling across America to show people that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

We are so here for this! What a powerful way to start a national conversation about our culture’s unrealistic beauty standards.


The traveling exhibition debuted in New York City, where Dove’s colorfully painted medicine wagon was pulled into the middle of Times Square by horses and a top-hatted, cane-swinging carnival barker invited bystanders “with stomachs as strong as they are inclusive” to “step right up and witness a series of inexplicable living oddities that prove all bodies are radiantly beautiful, no matter the confounding nausea they inspire in onlookers!”

Curtains covering the wagon’s iron-barred, escape-proof windows were then drawn back to reveal numerous human anomalies all donning simple white underwear adorned with Dove’s logo, including conjoined triplet sisters, a feral pug-nosed boy with hoof-shaped hands who went by the name “The Human Warthog,” and dozens of other shocking specimens that the amazing people at Dove have labeled “gorgeous freaks.”

After handing out free beauty samples for viewers to hurl at the human exhibits and vomit bags labeled “Dove’s Freaks Who Made Me Sick Are Gorgeous On The Inside And Out” for nauseated passersby, Dove’s wagon then packed up and continued its westward journey across the country, with it’s final stop planned for San Francisco.

Just yes! Even if you don’t use Dove products, you’ve got to admit that this is a brave, thoughtful step forward for the body positivity movement.


“Behold Dove’s wagon of human grotesqueries, each one an affront to God’s design and stunningly perfect just the way they are!” announced Dove in a press release for the campaign that was accompanied by a photo of a razor-toothed man covered head-to-toe in thick hair like a werewolf lathering himself with Dove shampoo. “No illusions! No trickery! No photoshopping of malformations into the unattainably thin physiques that our culture would have you believe is the ideal body! These are REAL deformed beasts who are owning every last one of their nightmare-inducing flaws and proving that even the most gruesome and hideous freaks of nature, gathered from the most exotic and far-off lands, are sexy and deserve to love themselves in the skin they’re in!”

Simply amazing. This campaign is bound to make a huge impact on people who think they need to look like a supermodel to be attractive!


Our hats are off to Dove on this one. It’s awesome to see a beauty brand using its platform for good. Other companies had better take note, because Dove’s body-positive wagon, “Nature’s Most Curious Mistakes And Human Horrors,” has officially raised the bar for forward-thinking marketing!

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