Buckle up, Harry Potter fans, because J.K. Rowling’s latest bombshell about the series definitely isn’t doing anything for inclusivity: The bestselling author has revealed that Dementors are the wizarding world’s version of Italians.

Yikes. This is a huge step backward for society. Looks like the road for all communities to get proper representation just got a little longer.


Fans of the series were in for a rude surprise when they logged onto Twitter this morning and saw that Rowling had said the evil, soul-sucking creatures represent Italians in the Harry Potter universe:

Wow. Well, we can count on Rowling to keep the updates about the series coming, so hopefully she’s got some really enlightened announcements up her sleeve, seeing as it’s going to take a pretty groundbreaking revelation in order to make up for this regressive move. Needless to say, this declaration’s not bringing any readers a sense of empowerment.