Throughout high school, Brian Hoffman was relentlessly mocked and bullied just for liking comic books and computer games. Ten years later, it turns out that being a geek really pays off in dividends: Eat your hearts out, bullies, because today Brian is an adult who owns several Funko Pop figurines.

The best revenge is living well, and it doesn’t get any better than owning a bunch of plastic statuettes of characters from fantasy and sci-fi movies!


The jocks who bullied Brian would be kicking themselves if they saw all the collectible Funkos that now adorn his one-bedroom apartment. With characters ranging from Harry Potter to Ant-Man to Sulley from Monsters, Inc., his trove of beady black-eyed plastic statues prove that he’s simply got it made. In high school, it may have been cool to be handsome and good at sports, but flash forward 10 years and it’s the person who owns figurines of both Rick and Morty who’s getting the last laugh! Who’s living the good life now, bullies?

High school popularity is fleeting. Having plastic dolls of the Stranger Things kids is forever.

Brian is so successful at owning Funko Pops that he even has a few Star Wars Funko Pops on his desk at work! One glance at his prized Count Dooku statuette, and all his co-workers can tell this is one cool guy.


We bet Brian can’t wait until his high school reunion, because his old classmates are going to be utterly floored to learn that he owns nearly 20 Funko Pops. Move aside, meatheads: There’s a new homecoming king and he’s running out of shelf space for his toys!