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If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan (and let’s face it—who isn’t??) then get excited, because it looks like the long-awaited reunion of this legendary band might finally be around the corner: Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page were spotted at Guitar Center buying a Led Zeppelin tablature book!

This is amazing! All signs point to Plant and Page getting back on stage together to play their classic songs in the very near future!


Plant and Page kicked off a wave of feverish speculation yesterday afternoon when the two of them walked into the Sunset Boulevard location of Guitar Center and confidently strode to the tabs and literature section where they picked up “Play Along With Zeppelin: Beginners Edition,” and excitedly flipped through the pages together. The former bandmates could be heard audibly discussing the titles to different songs, and later arguing over how guitar tabs are supposed to be read.

The rumors about a possible reunion really began swirling once Jimmy Page took the tab book over to a rack of guitars and began slowly playing the intro riff to “Black Dog” on an unplugged Squier guitar while Robert Plant tried on a size XL T-shirt that said “Born To Rock” over his regular clothes.

Sadly, Page eventually got frustrated while trying to learn how to play the intro riff to “Over The Hills And Far Away” and angrily threw the tab book at the wall, which resulted in a salesman ejecting both him and Plant from the store. Even so, this is still incredibly promising. If the members of Led Zeppelin are hanging around Guitar Center trying to learn their greatest hits with step by step instructions, we just might be in for the rock revival of a lifetime! Here’s hoping the Led Zeppelin reunion happens as soon as possible!

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