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Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard all about Morgan, the coolest human being to ever walk the halls of Alton B. Parker High School. Morgan pretty much spends every minute of her life effortlessly blowing minds, but today she did something so groundbreaking that she may have actually redefined what it means to be perfect: Morgan switched to a tote bag instead of a backpack.

Seriously, this is insane. Morgan just threw out the entire rulebook, and she did it like it was nothing.


When Morgan strutted into first-period English with a brand-new tote bag on her shoulder and no backpack in sight, Vanessa M.’s jaw practically hit the ground, and nobody could blame her. Literally who could have seen this coming? After Morgan drew cool patterns on her backpack in sixth grade, added some quirky buttons to the pockets in seventh grade, and tied this amazing homemade lanyard to her zipper at the end of eighth grade, it really seemed like she had explored every possible innovation in schoolbag fashion, and yet she’s somehow managed to change the game once again. Now that Morgan has a tote bag, it seems like such an obvious move, and everyone’s old JanSports from elementary school just look super immature.

Morgan is pretty much the coolest person alive, and this latest move just proves it.

As if Morgan’s idea of using a shoulder bag to carry school supplies wasn’t enough of a bombshell, the tote she chose also happens to be 100 percent on point, like everything Morgan ever does. With its chic white polka dots and brown leather detailing, Morgan’s bag is somehow casual enough for a beach day AND stylish enough for a mall day, plus it holds all of her textbooks without straining, which is crazy because she’s taking, like, six APs. Word on the street is Morgan paid for the bag with her own money, too, so at this point she’s basically a full-on adult who might as well just graduate from Alton B. Parker High School altogether.

Morgan is seriously like the Steve Jobs of being an awesome person. At this point, it’s hard to believe she could still have more brilliant, life-altering ideas in store, but after turning everyone’s world upside down with this tote-bag breakthrough, the sky’s the limit. Never stop, Morgan—you’re an icon!


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