Um Okay Sure: 5 Types Of Trees Or Whatever Lol

Haha ummmm ok here’s a list of trees or whatever lol idc

1. Palm Tree


Palm tree haha!! Aloha lol sure idk haha

2. Pine Tree

Ok this tree is pine imho. Getting major Christmas vibes lmao “rockin around teh x-mas tree” or something lol who cares

3. Oak Tree


Honestly idk what this is lol sry this is classic me. O well lmfao ask someone whatever moving on...

4. Sequoia Tree


Sequoia....uhh this one looks like it kinda sucks lmao do u see what i mean


Um yea that for sure sucks lololol ewww thank u next…

5. Willow Tree


Omg ok this one I love <3333 weeping willow yasss :) i want it!!! literally so cute lmao. Ok byeeeeee :~~~~) txt it lol

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