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Here’s an incredible story that shows how much a community can accomplish when they work towards a common goal: When these parents came together and demanded that there never be a school where all the teachers are pedophiles, the school district released a statement saying they agreed.

Now that’s how you work together to get results!

When a group of parents in Oak Springs, Ohio realized what a catastrophe it would be if their kids had to attend a school staffed entirely by known pedophiles, they raised their voices loud enough to secure an official statement from their school district saying that they also thought there should never be a school where the teachers, cafeteria workers, and janitors are all sexual predators. These tireless parents worked day and night on a grassroots campaign to ensure that their children would never have to learn about photosynthesis from an openly masturbating sex offender or attend an assembly where the school-mandated dress code was “naked,” and they scored a major win when the school district agreed to their platform without any caveats. Sending your kids off to a school where the burly pedophile gym teacher holds mandatory wrestling tutorials while two more pedophiles guard the gymnasium doors is every parent’s worst nightmare, but thanks to the hard work of this campaign, the people of Oak Springs can rest easy knowing that the school district has no plans to make that hell a reality.


It’s so powerful seeing people come together to make a real difference like this.

“The Oak Springs Board of Schools believes that the safety and wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance, and we are absolutely in agreement that a school where all the teachers are pedophiles would be the wrong choice for our community,” said the School Board in a written statement. “We have heard your concerns and we continue to feel that constructing a new school with a faculty composed entirely of child molesters does not align with our foundational aim to provide a nurturing educational environment for the next generation of Ohioans. We are happy to serve such a passionate and engaged community, and want everyone to know that our schools will remain the way they’ve always been: Not staffed by 100% pedophile teachers.”


Amazing! We have to hand it to the Oak Springs parents for their incredible advocacy. They fought to make the world a safer place for their children, and after months of hard work, it looks like they won.

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