Illustration for article titled Taking A Stand: StarKist Tuna Announced They’ll Never Collaborate With Louis C.K. On His Own Line Of Canned Fish

The world is demanding more and more social responsibility from brands, and that’s a good thing both for conscientious consumers and society at large. The latest company to try to do the right thing is StarKist Tuna, who just announced in no uncertain terms that they will never work with admitted sexual harasser Louis C.K. on his own line of canned fish.


Bravo, StarKist. It’s inspiring to see a company refusing to collaborate with known abusers.

A spokeswoman for StarKist made the announcement at a press conference, stating, “Louis C.K.’s predatory behavior was absolutely unacceptable, and that is why StarKist will never collaborate with him on his own signature line of tuna fish, mackerel fillets, or kipper snacks. While a partnership with such a well-known comedian would undoubtedly be quite profitable for our brand, it’s a line we will never cross.”

What an awesome way for StarKist to stand up for the victims of sexual misconduct! Hopefully, more tuna companies follow this example and refuse to create signature lines of canned fish with any comedian with a history of sexual misconduct. Way to take the high road on this one, StarKist!

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