Beauty Win: Maybelline Has Released A New Short-Lasting Lip Stain That’s Bold And Vibrant In Your Bathroom Mirror But Fades Before You Go Out In Public And Feel Weird About It

Calling all makeup enthusiasts! There’s a new beauty product on the market that could change your entire beauty regimen forever: Maybelline has released a new short-lasting lip stain that’s bold and vibrant in your bathroom mirror but fades before you go out in public and feel weird about it!

A Slippery Slope: Could Bill Cosby’s Conviction Lead To A Mob Mentality Where Society Wantonly Punishes Any Serial Rapist After Decades Of Inaction?

Bill Cosby was convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, and though it seems Cosby is in fact guilty, the frenzied mass reaction from the public raises a troubling question: Could Bill Cosby’s conviction lead to a mob mentality where society wantonly punishes any serial rapist after decades of inaction?

Awesome: Centrum Has Created A Pre-Natal Cow That Ravenous Pregnant Women Can Devour For 1,000 Pounds Of Essential Vitamins And Minerals

Giving babies the vital nutrients they need to grow and be healthy is a top priority, but for expectant mothers, loading their diet with dietary supplements can be exhausting. Thankfully, though, Centrum has found a perfect solution: It created a pre-natal cow that ravenous pregnant women can devour for 1,000 pounds…

Feminism FTW: This Empowering New Children’s Book Teaches Young Girls That Women Of All Shapes And Sizes Can Hunt Dogs

Get ready to feel empowered, because a new book that’s perfect for young women is hitting shelves soon! For anyone raising a little feminist out there, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this future bestseller: This empowering new children’s book teaches young girls that women of all shapes and sizes can hunt…

Safety FTW: This Nonprofit Gives Women The Keys To A Different Apartment So They Can Have A Romantic Walk Home Without Letting Their Date Know Where They Live Just Yet

Dating can be a scary experience, especially if you’re a young woman who is meeting a total stranger for the first time. Thankfully, though, there are people out there who get that and are trying to help in an amazing way: This nonprofit gives women keys to a different apartment so that they can have a romantic walk…

Incredible: This Woman Can Use Everyday Makeup To Transform Herself Into Someone Who People Refuse To Take Seriously At Work

Ladies, forget everything you know about makeup, because the game has officially changed. Alicia Norman, a 25-year-old paralegal from Los Angeles, is completely rocking the cosmetic world with her incredible cost-saving routine: She uses everyday makeup to transform herself into someone who people refuse to take…

5 Dove Commercials That Lean Pretty Heavily On Biting The Head Off A Live Rooster As A Symbol Of Female Empowerment

Dove is pretty big on championing feminist causes and body positivity, but occasionally it’s released ad campaigns where its messaging is not entirely on-point. Here are five Dove commercials that lean pretty heavily on using the image of a woman biting the head off of a live rooster as a symbol for female empowerment.

It’s Cathartic To Have A Chance To Speak Out On The Internet About My Experience With Sexual Assault For The Millionth Fucking Time

The news of Harvey Weinstein’s repulsive history of sexual assault has sparked a deluge of social media posts from men and women alike detailing their experiences as sexual assault survivors. As a sexual assault survivor myself, I, too have participated in the movement, and for me, nothing has been more cathartic than…