A Beautiful Reunion: This High School Football Player Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime When He Removed His Helmet To Reveal That He Was His Father Who Had Been Fighting In Afghanistan For The Past 2 Years

Brace yourself for a good cry, because it’s impossible not to be moved by this beautiful reunion: This high school football player got the surprise of a lifetime when he removed his helmet to reveal that he was his father who had been fighting in Afghanistan for the past two years.

What an absolutely incredible moment!

The Struggle Continues: America’s Worst Soldier And ISIS’s Worst Soldier Are Currently Hitting Each Other With Brooms

While ISIS has seen its power and influence decline significantly in the past year since losing control of Mosul, the fight to completely eliminate the terrorist group from its remaining positions in the Middle East is ongoing: As of right now, America’s worst soldier and ISIS’s worst soldier are currently hitting…

A Time Of Bloodshed: England And China Are Locked In A Full-Scale Naval Battle Over A Bra They Found Floating In International Waters

Just when you thought this era of war and suffering couldn’t get any worse, a new violent international conflict has erupted that has already led to thousands of lost lives: England and China are currently locked in a full-scale naval battle for control over a bra that they found floating in international waters.

I Did Not Attain Yelp Elite Status So I Could Stand Idly By As The Situation In Yemen Deteriorates

As a serious Yelper, being nominated for Elite status was an honor I accepted without hesitation. Since joining the Yelp Elite squad in 2014, I’ve been treated to exclusive nightlife experiences such as dinners, wine tastings, and private parties—all free of charge. But along with all the perks of being an Elite…