Confronting The Past: EA Just Spent Its Entire E3 Presentation Apologizing For Putting Antoine Walker On The Cover Of ‘NBA Live 99’

Most video game developers use their massive platform at E3 to make announcements about future releases, but one brave company at the expo decided to take some time to atone for its past: EA Sports just spent the entirety of its E3 presentation apologizing for putting Antoine Walker on the cover of NBA Live 99.

A Beautiful Reunion: This High School Football Player Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime When He Removed His Helmet To Reveal That He Was His Father Who Had Been Fighting In Afghanistan For The Past 2 Years

Brace yourself for a good cry, because it’s impossible not to be moved by this beautiful reunion: This high school football player got the surprise of a lifetime when he removed his helmet to reveal that he was his father who had been fighting in Afghanistan for the past two years.

What an absolutely incredible moment!

‘Skirmish Time Is Now!’: 6 Mediocre Catchphrases Michael Buffer Dabbled With Before Landing On ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’

For decades, Michael Buffer has been the voice of professional boxing thanks to his incredibly iconic catchphrase, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” However, the world-famous announcer didn’t start out knowing exactly what to say before every boxing match. Here are six mediocre catchphrases Michael Buffer dabbled with…

‘Ever Since I Could Remember, I’ve Always Enjoyed Screaming About What People Are Doing Right In Front Of Me’: 5 Questions With Dick Vitale

Bringing his trademark enthusiasm and glossary of catchphrases to every basketball game he announces, Dick Vitale has left his mark on sports broadcasting in a way that few others have. He’s been calling games since the late 1970s, and, in his words, he plans on continuing to do so until the day he dies. We sat down

We Need To Talk About Paying College Athletes For A Couple Seconds So Our Consciences Can Rest Easy And We Can Enjoy March Madness

If you’ve filled out a March Madness bracket and have your next three weeks planned out to catch the maximum amount of basketball action, you’re just like millions of other Americans ready to watch the best college athletes duke it out. But as exciting as the tournament can be, there is a difficult ethical discussion…

Olympics Disaster: Women’s Figure Skating Had To Share The Olympic Rink After Being Double-Booked With A 7-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Since the figure skating teams events wrapped up this Sunday at the Winter Olympics at PyeongChang, all eyes are now on the individual figure skating events. However, with those competitions fast approaching, an unexpected scheduling error threw last night’s competition into chaos: The short program for women’s figure…

Olympic Spirit: In An Amazing Act Of Unity, North And South Korean Athletes Have Been Working Together To Convince Shaun White He’s Dead

Even in times of war, the power of sport has helped enemy nations put aside their differences and come together during the Olympics. Now, during the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, two nations that have been divided for over 70 years have come together in a symbolic act: In an amazing show of unity, North Korean and…

Devastating: After Losing The Super Bowl, Sales Of Tom Brady And Bill Belichick’s New Reggae Album, ‘Fourth And Ganja,’ Have Plummeted

Well, this is a huge disappointment. The Patriots had high hopes for Super Bowl LII, but now that they’ve lost the big game, their stocks have gone tumbling, and this latest news shows just how far they’ve bottomed out: Sales of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s new reggae album Fourth And Ganja have plummeted.


Fresh Perspective: The NFL Has Announced That Instead Of Studying What’s In The Players’ Brains, We Should Be Studying What’s In The Players’ Hearts

From flat-out denying the science behind CTE research to discrediting those who tout it, the NFL has long countered the neurological disease’s stigma with its own blunt force. But now it looks like the league is offering a fresh perspective on the matter altogether: The NFL has announced that instead of studying…

Heartwarming! This Peewee Soccer Coach Let Everyone Try Out For Goalie As If The Team’s 140-Pound 8-Year-Old Wasn’t A Shoe-In

Youth sports can get competitive, but any good coach knows that building a team is about more than just winning. Luckily, no one knows that better than David Kimble, an incredible peewee soccer coach who just did something amazing: He let everyone try out for goalie as if the 140-pound 8-year-old on his team wasn’t…