Do You Smell Luxurious Enough To Attend Warren Buffett’s Extravagant Adult Baptism?

Billionaire Warren Buffett has decided that he finally wants to have a baptismal ceremony of his own, and he’s determined to only invite his most-sophisticated-smelling friends. Are you smelling like an incredibly luxurious rich person who is good enough to attend Mr. Buffett’s adult baptism, or do you smell like a

‘The Hunger Games’ Gets So Much Wrong About How Forcing People To Fight To The Death For The Enjoyment Of Wealthy Elites Really Works

It’s no secret that Hollywood exaggerates and embellishes stories in order to make them more exciting, and I’m the first to enjoy a larger-than-life blockbuster. That being said, sometimes directors just go way too far stretching the truth in a way that makes you want to pull your hair out. I recently watched The

Boy Billionaire Caspian Rutherford’s 6 Secrets To Driving The Nanny Mad So You Can Get A Day With Mum Mum

Parum pum pum, my fellow child barons! It is I, the famed Boy Caspian Rutherford of unfathomable wealth, dictating an online column to my robot butler who is in turn dictating it to my human butler. This week, we are discussing how to get more time with your beloved mum mum by making the hired help so miserable that