Could Go Either Way: No One’s Sure Whether The Kid Who Just Asked The Sex-Ed Teacher If Turds Come Out Of Pussies Said It To Be Funny Or Out Of Genuine Ignorance

A mystery is currently unfolding that’s completely bewildered every fifth-grader at Columbus Elementary in Hastings, Nebraska. At the present moment, no one can really tell whether the kid who just asked the sex-ed teacher if turds come out of pussies said it to be funny or out of genuine ignorance.

Without Abstinence-Only Sex Ed, How Will The Young Ones Know Where Their Genitals Mustn’t Go?

There comes a time in every growing child’s life when certain curiosities are awakened and he becomes greatly enamored with the hiss and clang of his own developing privates. It is a season of rampant discovery, in which dawning passions cloud the rational mind and propel youngsters into an intoxicating new realm of…