Could Go Either Way: No One’s Sure Whether The Kid Who Just Asked The Sex-Ed Teacher If Turds Come Out Of Pussies Said It To Be Funny Or Out Of Genuine Ignorance

A mystery is currently unfolding that’s completely bewildered every fifth-grader at Columbus Elementary in Hastings, Nebraska. At the present moment, no one can really tell whether the kid who just asked the sex-ed teacher if turds come out of pussies said it to be funny or out of genuine ignorance.

Taking A Stand: An Ohio English Teacher Has Removed All the N-Words From ‘Huckleberry Finn’ And Put Them Into Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’

In recent years, Mark Twain’s celebrated novel The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn has become pretty infamous for its characters’ frequent use of the N-word as they converse with one another in the 19th-century American South. While this has occasionally caused controversy when the book was taught in classrooms, one…

Doing His Part: To Support The High School Students Walking Out Today, Logan Paul Has Postponed His Epic School-Shooter Prank

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul has been working hard to cultivate a more humble, sympathetic public image since posting a widely criticized video of a dead body back in December, and today the popular vlogger took another huge step forward. In an act of true maturity, Logan Paul has decided to postpone his epic…

Heartbreaking: It Looks Like None Of The Students Are Taking Out Their Phones To Record This Social Studies Teacher’s Black Eyed Peas Mashup Parody Overviewing The Treaty Of Versailles

Get out the tissues, because this tragic story currently unfolding at Pennfield High School is going to absolutely devastate you: Social studies teacher Mrs. Welter is performing a Black Eyed Peas mashup parody overviewing the Treaty of Versailles, and none of the students are taking out their phones to record it.


Heartwarming: When This Fifth Grader Had No One To Sit With At Lunch, The School Went Ahead And Made Him A Janitor

Life in the fifth grade had been pretty rough for 10-year-old Mason Williams. He had been having trouble making friends and ate alone in the cafeteria every single day. But when Mason’s teachers noticed that he had nobody to sit with at lunch, they got together and did something truly wonderful: They went ahead and…