Pope Francis Is Aggressively Campaigning On Twitter For ‘Holy Eucharist’ To Win Lay’s New Flavor Contest

Since his confirmation in 2013, Pope Francis has proven himself to be a trailblazing and progressive leader unafraid to take the Catholic Church into brave new territory, and it looks like he’s done it again. Pope Francis is aggressively campaigning on Twitter for “Holy Eucharist” to win Lay’s new flavor contest.

Heartbreaking: Pope Francis Told Sylvester Stallone Over Twitter That He Did Everything He Could But Sylvester’s Going To Hell

Looks like it’s turning out to be a really rough day for Sylvester Stallone. The Catholic Church just handed the famous actor some devastating news this morning, and all we can say is that it’s absolutely heartbreaking: Pope Francis just told Sylvester Stallone over Twitter that he did everything he could, but…

Before They Were Famous: Check Out This Incredible Picture Of A Young Julian Casablancas And Pope Francis Outside New York City’s Mercury Lounge

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine celebrities as being anything other than rich and famous, and to remember that they were once just regular people trying to find success. But then you’re handed a piece of hard evidence that gives you a glimpse into a bygone era, and it reminds you that even the greats had to go through…