Put On Notice: John Legend Took To Twitter Last Night To Completely Rip Into Whoever’s Been Putting Wet Towels Inside His Piano

It’s hard to imagine John Legend’s career going much better than it is right now, but it looks like he’s got some beef to settle nonetheless. The 10-time Grammy winner isn’t about to let his high status keep him from rocking the boat when something’s bothering him, and he proved that last night when he totally laid

Coolest. Rock Star. Ever: Sting Just Gave One Lucky Fan A 20-Minute Head Start Into The Woods Before Beginning His Relentless Hunt

Get ready, music fans, because you’re about to lose your minds over what Sting just did for a woman from Berkshire, England. The former Police frontman just went above and beyond by giving one lifelong fan the chance of a lifetime: a 20-minute head start into the woods before beginning his relentless hunt.

Reunion In The Works? Paul Simon And Art Garfunkel Are Driving Toward Each Other At 120 MPH On A Stretch Of Highway In The Desert

If you’re a Simon & Garfunkel fan, get ready to celebrate.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel last appeared together on stage, leaving many fans to wonder if the iconic folk duo would ever join forces again. Well, it looks like a new collaboration may finally be in the works, because the two…